Target Market

Collaborative Management Technologies

Within the Human Resources Management (HRM) market, Comatek addresses the segment known as Collaborative Management Technologies (CMT) segment. The CMT market is developing strongly, particularly overseas (see graphics below). The Social Recording Technologies (SRT) market is expanding even faster.


Workplace stress : Disaffection within the workforce, demands for equality, the cost of strikes and their impact, individual or collective corporate social catastrophes.

Evolution of the economical context : Company image has to deal with an increasing and diverse number of adverse forces (blogs, social networks etc.): global reputation, environmental footprints.

A demanding economic context that expects new metrics, since the value of a structure is measured not only economically but also by its corporate social responsibility.

A new regulatory context binding companies to adopt new management methods (since 2010, new rules aim at preventing sociopsychological risks at a company).

A new generational mix context between senior and tech-savvy junior employees with new working methods: volatility, individual reward, mistrust of authority…

The state of the market

The market for tools to prevent sociopsychological risks (SRT) is a segment of the CMT market and is estimated to be worth 1bn euros in 2011.